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Stitch bit my wife
Monday 2 Feb 2009, 03:46
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The saga continues, this time he bit her twice in the same hand as brat cat did back when we were in Georgia. Luckly, she works for a doctors office.

He just needs to move wrong and we have screaming ball of grey fur. I would say it rips my heart out to hear him, but that is only my second thought. My first is what happened, or why. My third is it might of been a whole lot easier to just have it removed. The last thought is increasing, because we are supposed to keep him indoors, calm, and not moving. The second two get violated everytime there is a wrong move. The first just because we haven’t seen him go yet.

Our old cat, Brat Cat we bought winter BDUs and I had a pair of Concertina gloves during that time., just to give her a bath. Today we have welding gloves. So we put him on a leash, to give him a little more privacy. Well he got under the car a tad. So my wife goes to retreave him, kneeling down with the welding gloves on, and he starts screaming bloody murder. The Mr Roberts our oldest cat decides he can’t stand it anymore and attacks her feet a few times.

This wasn’t expected for several reasons. He would never harm her, she is considered mommy. These two cats are normally considered enimies. At times Mr would get highly irritated with Stitch just comming in to our bedroom. Although since Stitch got hurt, he is in care mode.

We are not sure, but we think he is enjoying the taste of Vodka.



LOL, Cap!

Comment by Rose

Sounds like he’s gone over the deep end. YOu’ll have to put him in rehab;>

Comment by Kym

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