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So Stitch got a fractured tail
Monday 2 Feb 2009, 10:39
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Well turns out he was bitten on the tail, running a slight fever, and it was defiantly fractured. Cost, about $112 for visit, and a new shot, that is an antibiotic and inflammatory. With one expensive shot that lasts fourteen days, no pills to take home. We chose this because he would of been a bear to get pills down. We trust Broadway Animal Hospital, which is where we took him this morning, got in quickly. He weighs 14lbs 1.5 ounces.

On the advice of a friend, who used to work with the Humane Society and Broadway Animal Hospital, we got a small shot of Vodka, the James Bond one for him. She said whisky, but the clerk at the shop over by the water tower, said Vodka has less sugar in it. It was weird buying it on the Sabbath, but it was needed to dull his pain. We didn’t have anything else around the house. Our pain killers would of been toxic to cats. I’m sure the clerk thought we were weird buying it for a cat. Next stop was buying a baby syringe.

We gave him 1ml of vodka mixed with 1ml of water. He looked like he wanted to throw up after giving it to him, but it worked. He was not longer screaming bloody murder. He was happy and content for the night.

It should be healed up in ten days, otherwise the tail will have to come off. So no stitches for Stitch.


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Thank goodness for a little old fashioned pain meds;> I’m glad that Stitch seems like he’ll be alright.

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