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Sunday 1 Feb 2009, 04:37
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One of my Christmas presents I got was a 32gb ipod touch. I was eyeing it for awhile so I could put my work tech PDF’s on it. I have them on my laptop, but I don’t want to drag out my laptop just to find something out. Takes time to drag it out and boot it up. I’m very grateful for it to be sure, though I would of waited for money reasons and hopefully more features.

I like the ability to get lots of free apps, the video, audio, create some stuff, weather, most mail, including yahoo mail without having to pay for pop, and more. In fact I’m creating this now with the wordpress app.

Somethings I don’t like is is no cut and paste, no gps, and the complete inability of the touch to figure out where we are in lightly populated places like Humbolt County. I’m sure the finding oneself in places like Frisco would work great, just not here. I would kill for a spell check like firefox has.

Apps I had to get, all free, lightsaber, fart, wordpress, sketch, the classic games, Dilbert, scriptures, movie info, classic Zork, resistor calcuator, and a few others I can’t remember.

Sync with yahoo contacts works ok, other times it says Internet can’t be found even though no other application has problems with the Internet.

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