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Row clearing went well today
Saturday 31 Jan 2009, 05:13
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Well nine people came out today to help clear the tracks. That is better than I expected with such short notice.

We started at the Church on the south end of Manila and went south from there. I picked up a bag or so of trash from where someone dumped it near the tracks, almost to the cause way.

Some of them trees/ bushes grow like weeds. Combined with we only cleared enough with for a speeder, left us with growth encroaching on and over the right of way.

So today we opened up the right away again and widened it up more. We had to dig up some of the Willow and other tree branches that had sprouted roots. This wasn’t the main part of the trees, just the branches. This will allow more time before we have to hit the area again and have enough space for the train.

Next Saturday looks like Allen will bring his speeder and we will have use of the hyrail dump truck. A crew will work with the dump truck clearing a few limbs and loading debris along the way from Samoa roundhouse to Manila.

I would like to make it through Manila this year, it is only 1.18 miles till the highway 255 crossing.

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