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Timber Heritage Association Museum 17 Jan 2009
Saturday 17 Jan 2009, 10:18
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We worked on the back shed of the boiler room today. That was the worst roof of the two buildings. Most of the roof was removed prior to today. Removed some of the rotted rafters, and the interior wall due to the base board was rotted out. Replaced base board with pressure treated lumber, and new studs for the wall.

Photos 1-5 are the back part of the boiler building.

6-8 is stuff inside the boiler building.

9 is the machine shop.

10-12 are the roundhouse and Arcata and Mad River railroad (A&MR RR) crew speeder. A&MR RR speeder looks to be homemade from thirties. Needs a new brake shoe, otherwise runs good and ready to go. 

13-14 is the NCRA/NWP hyrail Wheel Mounted Hydraulic Excavator and dump truck. UPDATE: Notice the claw attachment is built by Amulet, which used to be manufactured in Arcata. They moved out due to transportation costs being too high.

15-16 are the after photos of the back area of the boiler building.

17 is one of the buildings in the same area, is not leased to Timber Heritage Association. The roof is in really bad shape, you can see the roof boards if you look close enough. Inside you can see daylight thought the cracks. Not good.

18 is the northern limit of what NCRA/NWP cleaned up, looking South. We had cleared it enough for a speeder to reach the 1st crossing in Manila. Walking that area today, some of those trees grow like weeds. I would kill for a jungle clearer like was in the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or at least what NCRA/NWP has. I keep thinking that a tank car full of vinegar brine would help out against the weeds, etc in the ROW, and be nontoxic. It would have to be reapplied frequently, but even the longest lasting herbicide would have to be applied frequently up here. I would do my goats, but I can’t watch them, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to them.

NCRA and the operator were kind enough to come up here to widen the cleared area of the ROW. THA helped pay for some of the costs for them to come up here. They also had the brush mower/chewer up here. The vegetation was then loaded up in to the dump truck, hauled to the roundhouse site, to eventually head to the power plant for fuel.

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