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Humboldt Baykeeper Balloon Track Dye Tests
Tuesday 13 Jan 2009, 05:22
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These are the only water tests done by Humboldt Baykeeper that the North Coast Regional Water Quality Board has. These are the only ones required to sent to the North Coast Regional Water Quality Board.

There were two tests done.

The First one, never permitted, was done on 10 Jan 2008. Used wrong dye for the meter they had in the field. Wasn’t able to see the “slug” of dye.

For being non permitted, Baykeepers received a Letter, informing them to never to do that without a permit again. A wrist slap.

2nd one was permitted, done on 4 Mar 2008, dumped 360 gallons over 90 minutes, of clean drinking water, with the tide being out, to speed up the process. This time, the “slug” as observed, and right dye was used.

10 Jan 2008 Test
4 Mar 2008 Test



I’m sure SN fought tooth and nail to deny Baykeepers request for testing

Comment by Anonymous

What other tests were done by Baykeeper? Did they receive permits for any other tests?

Comment by Anonymous

I know, by newspaper accounts, there is at least one water quality test done, at the mouth of the slough that runs through the Balloon Track. I don’t think there is a permit needed for water quality tests. I think the reason the permit was needed for these tests is simply, you are putting something in to the water.

Comment by capdiamont

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