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Eureka Toxic site mapping and samples
Monday 12 Jan 2009, 08:30
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CA’s EnviroStor GIS, make sure you at least click “GeoTracker LUFT”, then click on the various triangles around it. Union Pacific isn’t listed, but the old Southern Pacific is.

Southern Pacific’s entry, click on Environmental Data (ESI) for a listing of sample points, and Lab results at the bottom, oldest 1st, 2008 at bottom. Documents has some info like SN will be spending  during 2008/2009 fiscial year, $13,500 to CA for sampling hours.

Latest 2008 results, Aug.  Part a, part b

It took me a while, trying to figure out how I found them in the 1st place.

EPA’s window to my enviroment, doesn’t have much at all listed.


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Cap, did you ever see the Baykeeper results online? If not, is there another way to get these results?

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