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TS letter: Political pull
Wednesday 7 Jan 2009, 11:11
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It is very interesting that the people we elect to public office are supposed to represent those who elected them. The North Coast Railroad was a privately-owned railroad that went broke. So our intelligent elected representatives saw on opportunity to have the public pay for this rail system and compete with private enterprise. Is that what we have government for, to take over private business? The last time I called the North Coast Railroad office they could not even tell me how many tunnels there were to maintain between Eureka and Willits. The rail engines parked in Eureka have been rusting for the past 10 years. The fuel tanks have rusted out and the fuel poured on the ground. This was reported to many public and federal agencies, but the North Coast Railroad Authority gets a pass. Will the same be true when you or I or a private business has a spill of a toxic substance? With what is taking place in our local economy, with no lumber leaving this area and many of the local private trucking businesses and private stores closing down, I wonder if Mr. Hauser might still have enough political pull left to have the state Legislature buy us all out and form a North Coast Business Authority.

Robert Markin


I have to wonder if NCRA could figure what this person was talking about. Number of tunnels is known. What isn’t known is which ones require what amount of maintenance. Further more, those locomotives are not owned buy the NCRA, nor their operator. I doubt they have rusted out and spilled fuel, that requires cleanup.

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