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NCJ: Humboldt Environmental groups threaten to sue NCRA about Brown act and mortgage of Ukiah property.
Wednesday 7 Jan 2009, 10:56
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Earlier today, three Humboldt County environmental organizations — the Friends of the Eel, Humboldt Baykeeper, and the Environmental Protection Information Center — sent the NCRA a letter demanding that the agency reverse its decision to mortgage land in the City of Ukiah to pay off Novato. (We wrote about this in December.) The groups argue that the decision to mortgage the property was not properly noticed, and that therefore concerned citizens — and the city of Ukiah itself — had no way of speaking to the matter. Specifically, the agenda for the meeting never mentioned the property in question.

The authority has 30 days to reverse the action before the groups sue.

So, why is it the Humboldt groups, and not Ukiah, etc doing it?

In other news highway 101 is going to start to be widened again, removing over 300 redwood trees

There are 342 redwood trees along the stretch, between Steele Lane in Santa Rosa and Windsor-River Road in Windsor, that will be removed beginning Monday.

Keep blocking the railroad, and tell me it you do it for environmental reasons.


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Damn good question, cap!
So, why is it the Humboldt groups, and not Ukiah, etc doing it?

The predatory litigious orgs must be running low on cash!

How much do you think they’ll get in ‘go-away’ money this time?

And is “humboldt Baykeeper” (MoneyKeeper) acting as Baykeeper or as ERf (the predatory litigious parent of “Baykeeper”)?

Comment by Rose

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