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Microsoft’s Ballmer: Windows 7 is nearly fatal
Wednesday 7 Jan 2009, 10:35
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Microsoft expects us to jump off the cliff of Vista, trusting that their hands have created a much softer, refined OS to fall in to. More than likely, we will hit the jagged rocks below. If it is so good, release it as a free update, to end the suffering masses of Vista users. Microsoft hasn’t yet produced a windows version, that hasn’t yet sucked the marrow out of computing. The two all time worst? ME and Vista.

Think about it though, if the terrorists would of attacked Microsoft instead, there would of been quite a lot of thank yous, and converts too.

The new operating system — which could be available for purchase on PCs within a year — uses much of the same underlying technology as its predecessor, the much-maligned Vista. But Windows 7 aims to resolve many problems PC users had with Vista. For instance, Microsoft pledges to make it easier to install peripheral devices and to have the software pump out fewer annoying warnings and notifications.

The good news about the new OS? Each copy will come with a free copy of the M.A.S.H. theme song, from the movie.


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I think Windows XP has been by far the best so far but it had lots of issues to begin with. I don’t see much hope for Vista though. I will only upgrade my OS when I absolutely have to because of hardware requirements.

Comment by Joshua Woods

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