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Pot growth hurting wilderness | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA
Sunday 4 Jan 2009, 03:38
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Pot growth hurting wilderness | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA.

Long after illegal marijuana gardens cultivated on public lands have been cleared, the trash, toxic chemicals and other environmental damage remain.”They’ve terraced, they’ve filled garbage pits, they’ve contaminated the ground with various chemicals,” some of which have been banned in the United States, said Gary Sharpe, associate field manager with the Bureau of Land Management’s Ukiah office. His office’s jurisdiction includes two of the state’s top five pot producing counties, Lake and Mendocino.<
Poaching and stream diversions also are problems, he said. “I don’t think people realize how much damage they do,” Sharpe said.

Hows that for a pretty picture?


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Small mom and pop operations on their own land are usually pretty environmentally sound–probably not any more harmful than your average vegi garden from what I can gather but enormous full scale operations on public lands appear to be pretty ugly.

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