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A Dip in the Bay | North Coast Journal | Humboldt County, Calif.
Sunday 4 Jan 2009, 03:44
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A Dip in the Bay | North Coast Journal | Humboldt County, Calif..

Doesn’t this woman know how toxic our bay is with all the dioxen? Isn’t there any no swimming signs? If she keeps swimming here, she’ll end up looking like the swamp thing. maybe there is alterive motive for her husband helping her swim here? Sure honey, it is safe, I’ll keep an eye out for the boats.



You can thank Union Pacific for all of the toxic soil at the Balloon Tract marsh

Comment by Anonn

I’ll give you a little history lesson, there was a bunch of railroad that came before the Northwestern Pacific(NWP), including on the Balloon track. Then came along the a joint effort by Southern Pacific(SP) and the Santa Fe(SF). That is the reason there was a SF logo on the Eureka station. Later SF got out of the NWP, leaving SP. SF later merged with BN, creating BNSF. Later still SP merged with Union Pacific, merged with SP, leaving only UP. So while UP is responsible for the mess SP/NWP left behind, it (UP) didn’t create it.

Comment by capdiamont

Geez! Does the anti-railroad whining ever stop?????

Comment by Joshua Woods

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