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22,194 miles
Sunday 28 Dec 2008, 11:50
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It is rather disappointing figure. It is the miles we got on our original tires that came with our 2007 Prius bought new in May or June of that same year. That is something they don’t tell you about, the short lifetime of the tires.

With being frugal, and Christmas money, we were able to not use credit to replace them yesterday, at Les Schwab on broadway. About $544 for 70k rated tires including siping, cheaper than the almost $700 at Mid City, which we feared the same amount of miles. How green is it to have such short range tires with every vehicle?

Something else they don’t tell you about, is replacing those same tires, will often decrease your MPG. This is due to rolling resistance is different. In order to get these high MPG tires you have to a bit of research.

The is a difference in MPG we got with the old tires between Summer and Winter. Winter is less, due to the cold, we got 35 to 36 MPG. Summer got 40 to 41 MPG. We did get 51 MPG once going to Ruth Lake and back.

We can go two weeks without filling up, but it nice to get the better deal, plus better with unknown emergencies that may arise. We have budgeted $40 a week in gas, but only need it when we do trips, to say Wal-mart/Home Depot. So that gives us a budget cushion, most of the time.

The thing I don’t like is we bought the cheapest package, with maintenance. That gave us a monthly loan cost of $524, I wish it were lower. I have to wonder with closing costs, and today’s interest rates, if it would be worth it to refinance. It also made it impossible to hook up a mp3 player, except by the FM method, which doesn’t work well in cities.

It is possible to haul a small trailer, and we have carried 10ft 2×4 and 10ft PVC pipe in ours. Not the greatest, but it does work. You can modify the Prius to run in all electric mode. I haven’t done any modifications yet.

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You might be the only Prius owner who voted in favor of Prop 8

Comment by Anonymous

Unlikely, with 52% of California voting yes for traditional marriage.

Comment by capdiamont

Smaller tires= More tire RPM= more wear. The unusually small tires that the Prius used to regeneratively brake (like the new GE locomotives) has this as a downside.

I would lobby ford or Citroen to import their 78mpg compact diesel cars so you can REALLY make other prius owners GREEN with envy.

Comment by Author of Interacting with Miniature Railroading

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