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Grease is the word, Savannah, GA has a new trolley
Saturday 20 Dec 2008, 10:42
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Savannah, GA Trolley uses B20 biodiesel

IT’S AMAZING what a makeover can do for a 70-year-old. Roll on a fresh coat of paint and replace her worn-out innards with sparkling new Space-Age parts, and this 70-year-old is racing over the cobblestones at up to 25 miles per hour.

The city is billing the streetcar as “the first hybrid streetcar in North America.” It runs on the rails that were already in place on River Street, but is fueled with B20 biodiesel.

That fuel is produced locally by Refuel Savannah, owned by Jake and Rachel Hodesh and Brad Baugh. But here’s the best part — the formula incorporates in part grease collected from the very River Street restaurants the streetcar will pass.

The streetcar is expected to open to the public in mid-January. The first 40,000 passengers will ride for free, but after that, a cost of 50 cents per round trip will be implemented.

The new attraction is expected to be highly popular, judging from the reactions of people who have seen it being tested. Laughs Borchers, “Our biggest problem is the number of people who stop us and want to ride.”

Official website with map here.

Why include this here on my blog, several reasons, we lived in Hinesville, Ga for about four years, and made frequant trips to Savannah. The other reason, is people like trains, and prefer to ride them over buses.


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SAVANNAH GREASECAR: Thank you for printing the photograph. It is the first and so far only picture I have found of the streetcar painted in it’s new livery on the web.

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