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The homosexual sickness
Wednesday 10 Dec 2008, 10:19
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Call in sick, call in gay day, what’s the difference? Usually when you call in, you are sick. I guess these few people who called in really are sick, a disease called homosexuality.

The disease that says you must be in your face, rape and murder someone with no outrage because you are a minority, can be called tolerant while directing hate towards Churches who’s members donated money towards prop8, can be hateful towards other minorities, while claiming protected minority status, rewriting The Bible, or reinterpreting the Bible.

Day to ‘call in gay’ finds few willing to strike I’ll give you a hint, there is a few states where employers don’t need a reason to fire you, and many, many people need a job.

Lets consider a stupid law in California, San Rafael parents irked by policy allowing transgendered access

Two San Rafael parents are upset by a school policy that allows students who identify as a different gender to use the restrooms and locker rooms assigned to that gender.

Mark and Elizabeth Swanson say the rule creates the potential for students to be placed in uncomfortable situations.

“This policy provides the opportunity for boys in a junior high school setting to have to change in the midst of a young woman, from whom they would be separated only by a curtain,” Mark Swanson told the district board at its meeting Monday. “I’m in favor of protecting the dignity of transgendered individuals. But that creates a difficult situation for those boys. It imposes upon their modesty and privacy.”

But San Rafael school officials say the policy is in keeping with state law, which treats gender and sexual identity as protected statuses. Unless students would be subject to “unavoidable nudity,” they could be asked to share a restroom with a student who is biologically of the opposite sex.

To do otherwise would leave the school district open to lawsuits, attorney Dora Dome said.

“A subject’s discomfort does not have the same legitimacy on a legal basis as supporting the rights of an individual,” said Dome, the district’s legal counsel. “Based on a substantial legal record, the district must allow access to transgendered students.”

The Swansons accused the district of adopting the policy without consulting parents.

Another instance of parent, and some child’s wishes being stomped on by California Legislators. Why, so a minority, of a minority can feel a little bit better. Your still being treated as a freak, by being behind curtains. Guess what, kids talk, and nothing is solved.

The problem is “you can do anything” mentality. It was a great idea. The problem is there is a limit on everything, which that mentality doesn’t recognize it, harming people in the process of trying unattainable goals.

Problem with society, is life is worshiped, and death is to be avoided, despite our choices, despite our stupid actions. So incredible health care costs are incurred keeping people alive, beyond all reality, so much so, we are destroying the sanctity of life, instead becoming medical experiments.




Comment by jackdurham

What an unbelievably racist and hateful post.

Comment by mresquan

Which race? Whatever.

The fact is a behavior class of people can’t claim victim, while being an aggressor. Which is exactly what they are trying to do.

The murder happened, the person was given date rape drug, and the body hidden in the basement.
more info on the murder

other murders by homosexuals

She cites two other murders committed by homosexual men that met with relative silence in the homosexual community — the murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas in 1999, and the 2002 murder of Mary Stachowicz in Chicago.

Comment by capdiamont

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