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Proposition 8: Governor Schwarzenegger Respect the Voter’s Will
Friday 21 Nov 2008, 08:44
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If you are a California citizen, please act immediately to sign this petition to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who is urging the California Supreme Court to overthrow the results of the recent free and fair election which passed Proposition 8, defining marriage as between a man and a woman. His actions as governor in attempting to negate this vote are an insult to the voters of California and undermine the rule of law. We will deliver this letter with your signatures to his office as a means of saying that the voices of the voters should neither be disregarded, nor silenced.




you’re dissappointing.

Comment by jason

The Left typically resorts to name-calling than try to rebut an argument. Calling someone a bigot means you don’t have to refute the fact man-woman marriage has existed in all cultures and all periods of history since the dawn of civilization.

Its a source of strength to defend what is always right and true.

Comment by NormanF

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