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Worst thing about election night? Internet access
Sunday 9 Nov 2008, 06:35
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I have never had worse access to the internet at home, than that night. I would of blamed it on Suddenlink, but other people have complained about the same thing, who didn’t have Suddenlink.

Not just slow, but plain inaccessible, and frequently at that. My globe for vista connection icon, just kept disappearing. We need better access up here.

I can live with Obama being the president. I don’t think any president will have a harder time with what was given to him. Better than the wardrobe lady, a story which seems to keep getting worse. Your in a economic slump(at best) and you have to get a ton of very expensive clothes? WHY?

1A, passed: I voted for this, so did Heraldo. I had a hard time with this one, because I don’t like the additional burden on the budget of California, and they way the economy was. A bond process is really a credit card scheme. IE there is no additional income to cover this, it simply tells someone else, hey, make room for this, and allows them to spend this mount. There is little to no chance that we will be part of a high speed passenger rail network up here. That said, with being a SMART train supporter, how can I support that, and not support this? We need high speed rail here on the west coast. The airline industry uses too much fuel, time, security, and money.

8: Passed! No point rehashing that here.

11: Bond for Veterans, passed. Heraldo also voted for. Same no reasons as 1A, but it seems to be a well run program.

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