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LA Times: Uncounted ballots unlikely to reverse Proposition 8
Sunday 9 Nov 2008, 03:38
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Could the vote on Proposition 8, the gay-marriage ban, turn around when all the uncounted ballots are tallied? Almost certainly not. Here’s why:

Roughly 2.7 million ballots from Tuesday’s election remained to be counted statewide as of late Friday, according to the California secretary of state’s office.


With all those ballots outstanding, how can news organizations, including The Times, be confident about calling the results of elections? The answer is a matter of odds.

Take Proposition 8 as an example. As of Saturday morning, the secretary of state reported 5,661,583 votes in favor and 5,154,457 opposed, for a margin of just more than half a million votes. In order to reverse that result, opponents of the measure would have to win just more than 59% of the uncounted ballots. So far, however, opponents have won 47.6% of the vote. The odds are strongly against the uncounted ballots being so dramatically different from the ones counted.

California ban on gay marriage helped by black voters
70% of demographic backed initiative

The LDS community which the homosexual community is focusing all their hate and anger against is only about 1/2 a million VS over 36 million population of California. As you know not every LDS member voted for prop 8.

As to Gay Mormon’s posting of the Young’s opposition to prop 8. Looking at part of their id they choose to use on here, Mormon. Mormon was a prophet. There hasn’t been a single prophet for the homosexual lifestyle, let alone same sex marriage, even our current day prophet. By reference, you are saying I should disregard, thousands of years of teachings, tradition, and the current day Prophet, for somebody who is famous? No, that would be like spitting in God’s face. It is one of those things where this “Gay Mormon” person picks and chooses what to believe.

To me the gay lifestyle is one of those wedge issues that we must overcome. We are told, everyone of us to overcome our natural self.

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