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ER: The Eureka Reporter to cease
Wednesday 5 Nov 2008, 05:21
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All good things must come to an end. It is with great sadness that The Eureka Reporter, as we know it, will cease to exist after November 8. It will live on in spirit, in part, through editorial pages written on Wednesdays and Sundays by The Eureka Reporter and published as part of the Times Standard.

Times have been difficult for the newspaper industry nationally and many fine papers have had to close their doors. It is difficult for a small community like Eureka to support more than one daily newspaper. The Eureka Reporter has been served by an outstanding cast from top to bottom. Unfortunately, as is always the case when a newspaper closes, most of the talented staff of the paper will not be retained. The Western Web, a division of The Eureka Reporter, will continue its printing business.

The Eureka Reporter was founded in 2003 to foster a greater diversity of view points and opinions from local members of this community. In these short five years, The Eureka Reporter earned great credibility for its editorial voice, local news coverage, photography and design excellence. The Eureka Reporter has been honored to receive numerous awards from California Newspaper Publisher’s Association and Association of Free Community Papers. We have a enjoyed a friendly, spirited competition with the venerable Times-Standard. We are most appreciative of our loyal readers, advertisers and employees who made it possible for The Eureka Reporter to have such a successful, prize-winning run.


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This truely makes me sad. I love the Eureka Reporter… 😦

Comment by Joshua Woods

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