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Arizona, and mostly blue Florida also passed bans on same sex marriage
Wednesday 5 Nov 2008, 11:00
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Constitutional amendments, just like California.

Florida article

TIME article, overview with Florida, California, and Arizonalink

A majority of the US has had the sanity to prohibit the dilution of the meaning of marriage. Just look at the number of States now prohibiting such marriage.

Note both presidential candidates were against same sex marriage. Yet it was only the one that was elected, that changed his mind to support same sex marriage. Not at first, mind you, but after a bit, to gain votes. Like any old politician.

California prop 8 faces lawsuits against it
. Even though 7 out of 10 Black voters voted for it.

I’m waiting here locally, for a local blogger, Heraldo to go off in a rant, supporting the lawsuits against prop 8, even though the majority of voters voted for it. In contrast to his support for a local measure T, which majority of voters passed, yet looks to be illegal.

In short I like this summery.

With folks like Mayor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco teachers around, all that proponents of Prop. 8 had to do was simply wait for the next wave of incomprehensible stupidity to surface, and then make sure that the voting public was informed of that stupidity.

Bottom line: Gay marriage is NOT going to happen, whether liberals like it or not!



Cap, we are all hate filled homophobic bigots. At least that’s what the opposition would have us believe because of our morals.

Comment by Joshua Woods

Joshua, I don’t think you are hate filled. I do think you are wrong to support 8.

Watching good people in so much pain because they aren’t allowed to marry the person they love and because they are still 2nd class citizens is hard.

And, Cap, I know you are wrong about gay marriage. The world is changing. Not fast enough but it is changing.

Comment by Kym

Hey Cap,never know,keep up the good work of supporting hatred and bigotry.I sure hope that makes you happy.So what’s next,an amendment prohibiting gay students from attending schools where straight kids attend?And Kym,it is hate.Bigots don’t want others to have the same rights as they do,because they feel that they are superior to them.Having bigoted morals is hatred.

Comment by mresquan

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