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Right to Marry? No
Wednesday 29 Oct 2008, 09:27
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Throughout time and even today, there are restrictions on marriage. Such as marry your own relative, marry a child, etc. One of those restrictions, has been understood to marry your own gender.

Their quest for same sex marriage is the use of equality. Does that also include the “right to marry” a child, or an animal? What about many spouses in a marriage?

Their quest for “tolerance” is only one way, with any postings against same sex marriage quickly denounced, signs being stolen, people’s houses, and other property being spray painted. I love the “love for all” being spray painted, such irony.

They say same sex marriage won’t be taught in schools, yet with one school field trip to watch one same sex marriage, a requirement in many schools that marriage be taught, and parents don’t have the right to opt their children out of such diversity education.

Don’t forget that our local media station KHUM decided for us that a Yes on prop 8 ad wasn’t truthful.
See what they don’t want you to see here.

Vote yes on 8. Vote for freedom of religion.

It is simply amazing how the “No on Prop. 8” campaign is unwilling to stand up for what it believes. For a week now the campaign has said one thing; yet it believes something else.

What do I mean? Well, the “No on Prop. 8” campaign maintains that, if Proposition 8 fails, kids will not be exposed to same-sex marriage instruction in school; yet it maintains that gay marriage is a fundamental right. Huh? If gay marriage is a fundamental right, then it should be taught in school. Can you think of another fundamental right that is not taught in school? The campaign’s dirty little secret? They know gay marriage will be taught in school and they are desperate to say anything so that we don’t figure it out on our own.

In an effort to make sure we don’t figure this out, they have now paraded the state education chief, Jack O’Connell, out to say that schools don’t have to teach about marriage. Sadly, Mr. O’Connell hasn’t told the whole truth. According to California Education Code Section 51933, if a school decides to teach a comprehensive sex education class to K-12 graders (and which school district doesn’t?), “Instruction and materials shall teach respect for marriage and committed relationships.” Thus, marriage is taught in California schools.

Moreover, the California Safe Schools Coalition asserts that children will be taught in class about homosexuality and gender identity (read confusion). Please note that many of the members of the California Safe Schools Coalition are also supporters of the “No on Prop. 8” campaign, including the California Teachers Association, the ACLU (which actually argued in the Massachusetts case that the court should require the teaching of same-sex marriage in schools) and numerous other gay and lesbian organizations.

Interestingly, according to the coalition’s Web site, the Capistrano Unified School District, Escondido Union High School District, Monterey Unified Peninsula School District, Palm Springs Unified School District, San Francisco Unified School District and the Ventura County Office of Education are all members of this coalition.

According to the coalition’s Question and Answer Guide on California’s Parental Opt-out Statutes, the coalition asserts that parents do not have the right to notice about and to opt their children out of diversity education programs that include discussions of sexual orientation or other controversial topics.



Why don’t you just say that all gays and lesbians are going to hell? That is what you believe, right?

Comment by Anonymous

Let me guess, you were against miscegenation in the Seventies too?

Comment by Snickerdoodles

That is not the case at all. For one, there is no where in the Bible that says that a gay/lesbian person cannot go to heaven. However some churches definately push that. If any religious person knew their Bible then they could not honestly believe that. Yes, I do not believe that it is morally right to be gay but you and your salvation is up to you and your God. About miscegenation, that is different. At least in that situation people are of different genders. That is hardly the case here. As for KHUM, I’m glad I don’t listen to that station because I would anymore. They have shown that they don’t believe in equality because they don’t want to play commercials portraying each sides position. If I have the money when the time comes, I will be putting my children in a christian school and stay far away from our corrupt public schools.

Comment by Joshua Woods

Oh come on cap, I would love to have many wives! Maybe after this prop they will try to pass that as well. Maybe I can even marry my dog. 🙂
By the way, I remember seeing on some online news that I want to say somewhere in Europe is considering letting people marry a type of monkey or ape. I’ll check into that. I thought that was insane….

Comment by Joshua Woods

Ok sorry. I was a little off. But I’m sure it will be the next step though. They just want to give apes human rights. Here is the link:

Comment by Joshua Woods

Prop. 8 supporters seem obsessed with the idea of bestiality. Doth protest too much!

Comment by Jack Durham

Hmmm…. This is the first I’ve heard of prop 8 people even talking about beastiality. Who have you been talking to Jack?

Comment by Joshua Woods

There are repeated fears expressed about the possibility of people marrying their animals. I can only assume that this is an issue near and dear to your hearts, or perhaps you have friends, family and neighbors who have such desires.

Unless, of course, this is just a red herring.

Comment by Jack Durham

“Their quest for same sex marriage is the use of equality. Does that also include the “right to marry” a child, or an animal? What about many spouses in a marriage?”

Obviously Joshua,you didn’t read Caps hit piece above.

Comment by mresquan

Wow, I’ve seen the beastiality topic on this thread only. That hardly means that there are “repeated fears expressed about the possibility of people marring their animals.” If that is what you are referring to.

Comment by Joshua Woods

I am a gay Mormon. Did you hear about Steve Young & his wife coming out for No on Prop 8? They have signs in their yard and gave $50,000.

Thanks Brother and Sister Young for coming out against a proposition that is UNFAIR and WRONG.

Visit and and

Comment by Gay Mormon

Jack: It is called a logical extreme, and not a fascination. Why is it you have to smear people, that it maybe near and dear to their hearts? I only said marriage of an animal. Bestiality is having sex with a animal, married to it, or not. Are you saying you have to have sex in a marriage, in order to be married?

Miscegenation, I have no problems with it, the problem with your smear is I wasn’t born until the 70’s.

An interesting thing about trying to claim this fight is the same as Civil Rights for African Americans, more are against same sex marriage than whites.

From the NY times

Still, the tendency of black voters to oppose gay marriage extends beyond religion. Patrick J. Egan, an assistant professor of politics at New York University who has studied black voting patterns on same-sex marriage, said black voters consistently polled much lower than white voters on approval for same-sex marriage, about 16 percentage points, even when religion was not a factor.

As far as hell goes, I can only judge that behavior is a sin, whether or not they go to hell is not for me to judge.

Personally for me, I couldn’t handle many wives. Nor is my Church pushing for many wives. I couldn’t believe how some people are trying to twist “a husband and a wife” in to plural by my Church.

Comment by capdiamont

I agree Cap. I couldn’t handle many wives nor could I imagine trying to evenly split attention to many wives so there is no favoritism. I have been amazed out how many people in my own church have acceptance of gay marriage and abortions among other things. It seems the church is becoming too tolerant of unholy actions.

Comment by Joshua Woods

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