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Here is a Yes on 8 sign you can’t rip down
Tuesday 21 Oct 2008, 02:21
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With numerous removal of Yes on 8 signs around our beloved Eureka, CA. This is one you can’t remove. What are you going to do boycott me? That is already being done by a local blog against my friends, and good people the Pace’s. Good people, good service, willing to help anyone in need. Their only fault is willing to speak out in favor of Prop 8. Silence the religious.

I love his latest post, eight is hate, real original. Yet lets look at this, here we have a vile, vindictive series of posts by this person against my friends, and vows to do the same to others who dare invoke their freedom of speech in a religious manner. Yet this is ok? Is this not bigotry?

Not to worry. She won’t be swinging alone. I’ll go after them one by one, whether the proposition wins or loses.

To be clear, the removal of on on 8 signs is not a condoned practice within those of us who support traditional marriage.



Yes on 8, and Obama is a Muslim terriorist

Palin won’t take away our guns and tax dollars

Comment by Anonymous

This guy ripped it down: With Photoshop!

Some Evangelicals are starting to realize they’ve been duped and are recommending a no vote on Prop 8

Comment by Robert

Cap, I’m definitely against 8. And I’m certainly against pulling signs and I’m appalled by the link Robert posted (That seems hate filled to me). But I think a boycott is a legit form of protest.

I don’t buy KMART (Fat lot of good it does) but it gives me a sense of not supporting companies that don’t support my beliefs (fair compensation for workers in that case). Poz has a right to put his money where it support companies that believe the way he does. I expect you do the same when you’re aware of where your interests lie.

Comment by Kym

Thank you for pointing out that Pace Chemdry supports radifying the constitution to include discrimination.

I could never support a company that would rather scrub the ink off of our founding documents than scrub the coffee from my carpet.

Comment by jason

Let me get this straight—Lisa Pace has a right to fund an initiative that would strip me of a civil right but I shouldn’t boycott her business because of that? I’d never be one to say that you’re not very intelligent, but you certainly don’t make much sense.

Comment by Joe Cornish

Lets consider your intelligence. You called her homophobic. You a retired teacher, should know that is a fear of homosexuals. I don’t know anyone, let alone Lisa Pace that has a fear of homosexuals. Good thing your retired.

You have gone past attempts at boycott, you are at the stage of, “I will destroy you”. Your attempts at slander with the Home Depot, just because they are part of a franchise. Your full of hate, the hate you claim 8 is.

So how did you become infected?

What about the places I would like to boycott, but can’t like PG&E.

Robert, the sign is still there above. I’d agree with Kym, much hate there.

No Obama, is NOT a Muslim terrorist.

Actually they would much rather clean floors, etc than have to fight for the restoration of Traditional marriage.

Comment by capdiamont

It’s none of your business how I became infected, but keep going, homophobic bigot. You’re showing just how hate-filled and small-minded you are. Do you feel good about yourself for having asked that of me?

Do you call gays fags too?

Comment by Joe Cornish

Oh, and by the way, I just emailed a copy of your 9:55 pm comment to Lisa Pace. Do you think she’ll approve of your “infected” comment, bigot?

Comment by Joe Cornish

Were your really a teacher? Homophobic means fear of homosexuals. Bigot is what your showing.

Never used that word.

You have it so publicly on you blog, why not ask? 25 years ago, it could of been anything due to the state of affairs back then.

Comment by capdiamont

BTW, small minded is also a reflection of your comments. Always trying to frame your opponents as hate filled.

Comment by capdiamont

“I’m a retired high school English teacher who lives in Eureka, California. I have been HIV+ (POZ) and healthy for over 23 years…”

Comment by capdiamont

I’m sure Lisa Pace is getting a kick out of reading your hysterical comments. I’ve emailed them to her.

I’m leaving your pathetic little blog now. It’s just too boring and hate-filled. However, before I go let me point out something: your writing is really bad. Your sentence construction is poor and you frequently use fragments, not complete sentences.

Also, there’s a difference between your and you’re. Learn it.

Perhaps homophobic bigots are also rotten writers. In your case, it’s so true.

Please don’t call me faggot or throw something at me if you ever see me in person. Your hate-filled type often resorts to that sort of misbehavior.

Have fun with your model railroads! Choo Choo!

Comment by Joe Cornish

I never used that word. You can proof read, ok a few mistakes I’ve done, yet you keep poisoning the same language you claim to have taught. You will not address reality, that you are the one who is so filled with hate, that you skip over my points.

There is no fear of homosexuals, let alone an irrational fear.

I’ve never thrown anything at anyone, why start now?

Comment by capdiamont

Prohibiting gay and lesbian couple from getting married because of religious doctrine is not good enough.

Oh, and congrats on posting a story that actually got more than six comments!!!

If you hit the nest hard enough, the hornets will appear.


Comment by boymstlikely2

Hey, man, just checking in one more time. I wanted to see if you have those toy trains going! I know how much fun you have playing conductor. Do you wear your little hat to bed?

Let me know if you need any help proofreading, neighbor. You’re still making big mistakes with you writing.

Comment by Joe Cornish

ooops……that’s YOUR writing. I’m catching your bad habits!

Comment by Joe Cornish

Wow, what is going on here. I believe that same sex marriage should not be permitted as well. I am not homophobic or have a dislike of people who prefer alternative lifestyles. I have friends who are gay/lesbian but just because I know them and consider them friends does not mean that I believe they have the right to get married. The supreme court took matters into their own hands when they allowed same sex marriage and did not listen to the people in the state. No ones rights are being revoked or denied because up until the supreme court decided they know what’s best for all of us, gays/lesbians did not have the right to get married. Just because people are not in favor of same sex marriage does not mean they are hate filled or homophobics. Oh, and for our friend boymstlikely2, I regularly read the blogs posted by capdiamont. Just because people do not comment does not mean the blogs are not being read….

Comment by Joshua Woods

That is the thing though Joshua, by supporting 8 or willing to speak out against same sex marriage, you automatically get labeled as such. The whole idea is to squash freedom of speech of religious people. Dissenting opinions will not be tolerated by Joe and others like him.

He couldn’t even grasp the misuse of homophobic. Yet he was an English teacher. He has filled up with so much anger, he has resorted to childlike responses back to me.

For this alone we should pass Prop 8. To prevent the lawsuits that will be coming, to squish our freedom of religion, and the freedom of speech that comes along with it. Joe wants religious speech to be confined to within the walls of a church or home, because it doesn’t suit him.

Boy: For my next trip, I will attempt to pull a rabbit out of my hat. Waves wand, says, “Abracadabra”, reaches in………….. No rabbit. Stupid rabbit.

Comment by capdiamont

Joshua, here’s an update for you. If you oppose your “friends” civil rights, then you are no friend. You are a hate-filled homophobic bigot. Why in the world do they put up with the likes of you?

Capdiamont—gee, I wonder why I’m angry. Could it be because you are discriminating against me? Granted, you’re clearly not too intelligent, but you’re still annoying.

Go play with your toy trains now. Hopefully there will be a good train crash and you’ll be involved in it. Hey, it’ll mean just one less bigot stumbling around.

By the way, why are you too cowardly to use your real name? Are you ashamed of what you write?

Comment by

Wow, I have never been called a homophobic by anyone until now. You do not even know me and yet you pretend to know something about me. You accuse me of not being a friend to my gay/lesbian friends because I do not agree with it. They know how I feel on this issue and they still call me a friend and see me as a friend. I would NEVER compromise my moral standards for ANY friend. I don’t understand why people who are for same sex marriage IMMEDIATLY respond to people who oppose it as “hate filled” or “bigot”. You don’t know anything about anyone I would wager. You are so caught up in your own issues that you can even see straight. Call me a homophobic, bigot or hatefilled all you want. My friends know me and they like me for who am I and do not try to change my political views because we respect each others ability to have different views. Hopefully you and others that spread hatred can someday understand that and stop being as hatefilled as you accuse me of being.

Comment by Joshua Woods

You are bigot! Yes on H8 is illegal & hateful! Your readers are ignorant!

Comment by Equality Forall

Just keep proving my point. Thanks.

Comment by Joshua Woods

Joshua,and Cap…why do you think you deserve more rights than other’s simply because of your sexual preference?Oh,and don’t give me the “civil unions” exist s***.Sorry,but separate IS NOT equal.Voters,vote a Big No on prop hate….err….I mean prop 8.

Comment by mresquan

Beyond my religious beliefs, I do not want gay marriage to be taught to my children. Regardless of what has been said about how it won’t be taught in school, anyone who is not an idiot knows that it definately WILL be taught in school. I do not dislike gay/lesbian people and have friends who are but it is not the way people are supposed to be. If we were either created or evolved (depending on your personal views) to be gay and straight alike then gay people would be able to propogate naturally but it is not natural for someone to be gay. I am not saying that out of hatred but it is just how I feel. If you believe in evolution then maybe in 10 thousand years we will evolve to all of us being unisex so anyone can be with anyone and it won’t be a big deal. What seems to be going on with this issue is that people who oppose prop 8 do not feel that people who support prop 8 should vote yes because of their morals. I hope no one ever chooses to vote with going with the flow over letting their morals be their guide. I appreciate that you did not stoop to name calling as some of the other posts above. Nothing positive will come out of it and it is just childish. I believe you have your right to your own opinion and respect that and wish others would do the same for me and people who support prop 8.

Comment by Joshua Woods

“it definately WILL be taught in school.”
I’ve heard this staement over and over afgain from prop 8 supporters.What does that mean?Really,I cannot ever remember being taught anything about hetero marriages in school?How or why would it be discussed in a classroom?I mean other than in a Social studies class,where the only thing one would learn is that now gay couples and hetero couples have the same rights.The only place where one would study anything of it would be at a private religious institution where it would propogandized that the world is coming to an end, or simply that’s it is immoral.So I’d like to heat how one thinks that it will be taught in schools.

Comment by mresquan

Oh come on! Have you never taken a sex ed class? They already teach young children that it’s ok to have sexual relations with someone of the same gender. You don’t think that if prop 8 fails then this issue won’t be brought up during sex ed? I don’t need some teacher who has no morals teaching my child what is morally right and wrong.

Comment by Joshua Woods

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