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Arcata Eye: Last Humboldt Bay Harbor District Meeting, defends Commissioner Hunter
Thursday 2 Oct 2008, 10:17
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Highlights, despite the tin foil hat crowd thinking they had another controversy, a simple clerical error happened. You see they were just busy with compiling all the comments and other paperwork to send to the consultants for the Harbor plan. The courtesy email wasn’t sent out. It had nothing to do with the NCRA giving a presentation.

Commissioner Hunter defended himself and vowed to continue the cold storage business,

Three other commissioners defended commissioner Hunter.

Hat’s off to the Eye for continuing to endure the meetings to give us the news.

UPDATE: The article, even the version I ran through the English to Pirate converter, has been removed due to threats of legal action. Sorry but I thought it was funny after being called a pirate, to run it through the converter. The question is, how much/many changes do you do to an item before it is not longer you IP? It is a bit sad, what happens to these articles when they are pulled offline?

Be sure an’ click th’ link fer th’ real article
Ya horn swogglin’ scurvy cur!




This anonymous blogger has pirated the Arcata Eye’s copyrighted news story without asking permission.

If he/she is interested in presenting news coverage, they ought to do their own work rather than stealing ours.

Kevin Hoover
Arcata Eye

Comment by Kevin Hoover

So did Green Wheels seek permission when they did there’s?

Comment by capdiamont

Larry, thanks for respecting our work.

Now work on your apostrophe placement, darn it!


Comment by Kevin Hoover

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