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Anon.R.mous, death, and Europe’s racism problem.
Sunday 28 Sep 2008, 09:27
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We regret to inform you that the man known as Anon.R.mous died a hero while fighting a blaze in southern California. His name is being witheld at the request of family, nontheless I will say that he was a firefighter often sent to many places in the country both to fight fires and train others to fight fires. He died a hero, and will be fondly remembered by those who knew him.

I don’t believe he died. Looking at a database of firefighter deaths, I don’t see any for southern California, since his last post. 2008 Firefighter deaths here.

Still he lived as a pain in the butt for others. Good series on trucking, post on the ranch issue.

People want to be like Europe, but Europe has it’s own problems as he pointed out.

Police said about 3,000 protesters threw stones at officers, while some tried to steal their weapons.

Violence erupted after the protesters tried to halt an “anti-Islamification” rally, which police eventually banned.

The extreme-right Pro-Koeln group had sought to protest against plans to build one of Europe’s biggest mosques.

The police said the decision to ban the rally was a matter of public safety.

‘Immigrant invasion’

Some 3,000 police had been drafted in and part of the old city was sealed off as authorities appealed for peaceful protests against a two-day congress called by the Pro-Koeln (Pro-Cologne) group.

Anti-right-wing demonstrators in Cologne 19/9/08
The mosque is not due to be completed until 2009

Pro-Koeln had hoped 1,500 people would attend the rally in the city centre to oppose the mosque and what they say is an “immigrant invasion” of Europe.

The municipal council has approved the building of the domed mosque, which will have two 55m (177ft) minarets, in the city’s heavily immigrant Ehrenfeld district.

Far-right leaders from Belgium, Austria and Italy had come to the city for the congress.


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I don’t know, Cap, he has completely disappeared. I hope he does come back and let us know that the rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated, but I’m not holding my breath.

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