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And the winners are for SoHum unpermitted event…
Thursday 25 Sep 2008, 08:44
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Humboldt Hoedown and Irie Boogie!!!!! Give them all a hand folks! Though this isn’t a full list, just the ones coming up. I didn’t realize it but Eric with the SoHum blog wins!

According to Ire Boogie website, they are limiting attendance to five hundred, to get under the requirements of a permit.

Reggie Rising was a permitted event that required an EIR. The reason it required an EIR is that it had an impact that couldn’t be mitigated below significant. In this case transportation.

Takes about two months for planning to process a permit. Cost is two to three thousand for a use permit. Needing an EIR is an additional thousand dollars. Enforcement is generally complaint driven.
The fine for not getting one is equal to the user permit. IE 2 to 3K. Plus County Code Enforcement fines.

So we have Humboldt Hoedown. Permit not yet, as of today applied for. They are expected to apply for a permit next week. Or after the event is held.

From Eric’s blog,

Community Park was surprised early this week by a notification from the County Planning Division stating that two events scheduled to take place at the Community Park in the immediate future (the Humboldt Hoedown and the Irie Boogie) required special permits, as they went beyond activities allowable under the applicable zoning regulations.

From what I hear The Humboldt Hoedown or the Park were last in communication about the event back in February, and prior to that they submitted for a permit, for the prior year prior to that. The permit was rejected due to a lack of information.

So why is the cost so big? Because of all the lawyers and environmental groups wanting all these laws, etc. So you have people like Pete Nichols of Humboldt Baykeeper to thank.



You may want to check with Humboldt County Planning, but keeping attendance at or under 500 people, has nothing to do with the permit, even if you had 100 people, it needs a permit. Plus they never got a permit for this concert anyway, and who would keep track of tickets sold, or the number that attended, it will always be lower.

Comment by Ed Voice

I have no idea about # of people needed for a permit, that is just something on Ire Boogie’s website.

I do know both are unpermitted according to planning department.

Comment by capdiamont

This is what their web site said:

Out of respect for the Southern Humboldt Community Parks neighbors, the Irie Boogie now has an attendance limit of 500. This event will sell out. We strongly encourage you to buy your tickets in advance. Tickets can be acquired at the following locations:

That was great PR………

Comment by Anonymous

One correction. The Mateel didn’t apply for a permit because the Park informed them that they were applying for a CUP, which was done earlier in the year. But apparently, the application was never even processed. Girard then told the park that they can’t apply for a CUP and also request inclusion into the general plan revisions. The Park’s attorneys are scratching their heads.

Comment by Eric Kirk

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