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Monday 22 Sep 2008, 11:34
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There has been a few people wanting me to post some article, etc. However where they post them it has been a bit off topic. It is just a little disorganized. So I created a suggestions and misc page, also is a contact page, that you can fill out a form so you can contact me. The contact me page, has been in existence for a little while now.

So why the delay in stuff, or missing stuff you thought would of been on here. Sometimes it it is still in waiting, as part of my many Firefox tabs. I’ve been working on our house, trying to make a go at it. Plus the Wife gets a bit angry if I spend too much time on the computer, or with train, etc stuff. So that moderated my time. Don’t want to make a red headed Irish Woman mad. At least she doesn’t have a black belt. So then time passes, Windows Vista has it’s malfunctions, and I lose my tabs at times, and my memory can’t remember what there was.

So please use one of the above methods to contact/suggest.



Hey, if you are as bad as I am about sneaking time away from real life to play on the net, your wife may need a black belt. Tell her I’ll be glad to help;>

Comment by Kym

yeah, it’s in the tabs Anonn.

Kym, I ain’t going to tell her no such thing. +-)

Comment by capdiamont

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