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Willits Daily Photo and NWP/Roots of Motive power
Monday 15 Sep 2008, 12:55
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Nice photos of the railroad and Roots of motive power.

A&MR RR 104 Willits, CA

A&MR RR 104 Willits, CA

The A&MR RR 104 is shown, the sister to the 101 being restored up here. Category/label of railroad here. Be sure and follow her links to his overflow blog for additional pictures on the subjects.

Update: thanks for the tip Kym, I thought I kept it gender neutral, but didn’t.



I love Willits Daily Photo. I check it every day and I recommend others follow those links but…and I can’t help teasing you a bit, Cap, Willit’s Daily Photo is done by a lovely woman not by a man.

Comment by Kym

The dazzling thing about Willits Daily Photo is not only that it features striking photography, but that the writing is also as good as the photography. This is a local treasure and should be archived for historical use in the future. People will want to know about lifestyles during this era, and this is one of the best indicators.

Comment by Jay Gordon

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