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Make Tech Mag does bicycles
Monday 15 Sep 2008, 01:13
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Make mag bicycle speed vest

Make mag bicycle speed vest

Egads I knew there were quite a few ways to use bicycle power, but Make mag is doing a eight part series of postings on them. Make is a DIY tech mag.

I’m been part of the energy fair at Arcata, and shut down the inverter supplying the power to the stage, by pedaling too fast(me and several others). Too much voltage to the inverter.
I also knew and saw the petal powered washing machine at CCAT.

To understand the amazement, the average person and only supply about 1/4 of a horsepower, and Olympic athlete 1/2 of a horsepower.

The above speed vest seems like a good idea makes you more visible, though might make it easier to get pulled over for speeding in the city/slow areas.

The bicycle category is here. They are on post #5, not including the previous postings.

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