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Blood bank updates
Thursday 11 Sep 2008, 07:41
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They have gotten high tech since I came in here a month ago. Tablet PC’s to record your answers to the questions, with 4 new questions. Nice thing is now it is customized to your gender. So a few less questions. IE, I no longer have to answer the female questions “NA”.

There is now a glass wall similar to the airport/buss shelters separating the donor room from the “canteen” thanks to complaints from the European Union inspectors, three years ago. What does the European Union have to do with Eureka, or Humboldt county? Some of the plasma from whole blood is bought by a company in Austria. They take it, process it in to injectionable medicine for clotting. Thus our Blood bank falls under their regulations.

I’m pretty much down to a routine now, we have figured out, putting a heating pad under my donor arm, helps me bleed better. I know how to open up the floor recpticals to plug in my laptop.

They have a new thing, “Family Night” Wednesdays. “come enjoy a hot dog, bag of chips, and a soda from 4pm – 7pm! Bring the kids too! We’ll have supervised fun for them while you donate. For questions call [707]443-8004. Starting September 3rd!”

I think they have some sort of social networking site up too, but don’t remember much, nor can I find the info on it.

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