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Aaron Antrim(Green Wheels) helps SMART
Sunday 24 Aug 2008, 10:04
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With two posts on the Green Wheels blog, Southward Sustainable Transportation: Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (and bike trails!), and I love traffic.

In the meantime, I am helping out Friends of SMART to help make it happen. Check out the campaign website here. And a great way to show and share your support with Marin & Sonoma area friends is with the Facebook Group I’ve created with a few others, Vote SMART: Sonoma-Marin Transportation for the 21st Century. 213 members and counting.

I love traffic:

As a sidenote to my last blog post on SMART, or Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit, I thought I’d note a little experiment I’m trying — I created a Facebook group to save traffic and traffic jams in the Sonoma and Marin Area. So far, it just has two people, but I haven’t sent out the invites yet.

I was offered to help, but truth be known, nobody is better than he. I just don’t have the skills, or knowledge to do what they are needing.

My take on the whole NWP operator’s ranting is 100ft setback is too much. On the Northeast Corridor they have a trail along side with a setback of 30ft while Amtrak runs 100 to 120 mph. 100ft is just not going to happen. The anti-SMART/NWP folks want you to believe that this is real policy that has to be abided by. No it isn’t, it is proposed policy. It still has to go through three more meetings of comment only, then it will be decided in December when it gets back up here.



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Thanks for linking, Larry, and inviting me to help out with SMART. I’ve returned the favor by linking back here from my original post.

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