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THA happenings this weekend
Friday 22 Aug 2008, 06:39
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Despite what other may think, progress is still happening. I haven’t done anything with clearing the track, due to needing to work on my own house.

Bob’s report on the boiler house:

A good showing Tuesday nite. Pete Johnston, Gary Boughton and Bob
Felter finished the fascia and general carpentry on the lower front
roof. Next, to bang down 50 sheets of 3/8″ plywood over the original/
repaired redwood 1-by sheathing. Meanwhile Marcus, Dexter and Byron
pulled down the rotten and dangling roof on the shed addition on the
back of the Boiler Shop. Another testimonial to redwood; that a
building constructed in the 1890’s would far outlast the 1960’s(?)

Meanwhile Bert puttered on the old D-8 and entertained those out
front when he lit up the 2 cylinder gas pony engine. Deafening, bet
those old Cat skinners couldn’t hear a lick. Bert’ll give us a D-8
starting procedure some day.

This Saturday, 3/8″ plywood can be tacked down. I can’t be there; for
those who are be sure the 1/8″ (at least an 8d nail) manufacturer’s
recommended gap remains between sheets and to mark center of rafters
with a crayon as the sheets are laid up the roof. If we can just get
the sheets laid on saturday we can through some nail guns at it
Tuesday nite.

The speeder crew will be working as well, starting at 10. Hopefully
the carpenters can start earlier, say 9 am, but bet somebody will be
there by 8:30.

Gerry’s report on the speeder:

We are making real progress on the AMRR Speeder.

This Saturday beginning at 10:00 AM we can begin painting the metal frame and other metal surfaces with with some anti-rust primer. Marcus will bring the paint. I will supply some brushes.

The other operating forklift has been brought out of the Boiler shop so we can move the two loose track sections outside to the Roundhouse. We will put the track straightener on it to get both tracks straight. Then we will mount the tracks on two by sixes with large lag bolts with track plates. We can then move some of the track panels from in front of the other doors to the front of where the speeder is. Thus we will be able to easily roll out the Speeder to work on, or load on a trailer.

Marcus is working with the Harbor District to get them to park a car-hauling trailer at or near our site, which we would be able to use.

If Bert has been able to get the new batteries for the old stick welder, then we might do some welding on the metal frame as well.

We are still looking for an analog speedometer for the speeder. Marcus suggested we might be able to use a bicycle speedometer. We would appreciate some help or suggestions.

Hope to see some of you there!

Gerry Tomczak

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