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RAPIT Forum 20 Aug 2008
Wednesday 20 Aug 2008, 05:47
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Strangely, despite Mike Buttner’s post, he hasn’t shown up yet.

development of Humboldt Bay as an industrial port. Speakers will include:

David Hull, CEO, Humboldt Bay Harbor District.

A representative from Ports America AIG.

A legislative representative from the ILWU (longshoremen’s union).

Mitch Stogner, executive director, North Coast Railroad Authority.

Humboldt Bay Mariculture industry leaders.

This industry-driven forum is being held to garner support for the development of the Redwood Marine Terminal Project, which would bring an industrialized container shipping facility to Humboldt Bay. This project will bring with it a host of environmental problems with it including impacts to the Bay from increased dredging, unregulated air pollution, and unregulated water quality impacts from ballast water and increased the likelihood of a major oil spill occurring in Humboldt Bay that would devastate the Bay and the coastal waters.

Run for you lives everybody! Problem is there is no such thing as unregulated anything. California has it’s own regulations on ballast water, IE it should be exchanged in the ocean. Sad, sad, foaming at the mouth like this.

I’m recording this one.

We had to add a couple of rows of chairs for everybody.


Various postings about the port and rail the past few days:

Heraldo, the only green is being a cave man.

Heraldo, I hate growth of the port.

Samoa Softball, how much to restore the railroad, and a view of the forum. I’m sorry but their view missed quite a few Items.

Mike the problem with your article, it it doesn’t mention anything about bridges, etc. The canyon isn’t easily accessible, making it more expensive to remove.
Who would take charge of any trail? That is needed to keep the bridges, etc. The slides will have to be stabilized for a trail.

Mark: “Robin was disturbed by the postcard saying “I support environmentally responsible development. Let’s make ours the first GREEN port and railroad in America.” She felt it was bold statement with no back-up information to back up this. What qualifies this statement? What makes our potential developed bay green, and what makes other ports not green.”

The answer is we do not have any port machinery, and thus do not have any costs to replace it. We can stat with new ideas, new green tech. Did you not catch that we can dictate how much green tech the operator uses?

“If that is the case, why did they skirt around the question of erosion during dredging and release of ballast organism.”

Dave covered both. Ballast water exchanges are mandated by California’s regulation. Dredging is mostly done in the entrance, annually, and funded by the feds. The erosion was shown to be inclusive.

“And where on the card is the mention of the RAPIT forum?”

The card isn’t just for the forum, it was to help gather comments from those who support both port development, and wanting to make it green. This is our port too, we have to live with it too.

“I had thought that someone on the panel would be from organized labor. Nope. Let us try this again. Maybe more organized.”

Sid Berg did give a speech.

Plus to add I think “Lee Sandahl, Legislative Representative for the ILWU (Longshoremen’s
Union), will answer questions regarding the political environment
surrounding port investment and job opportunities associated with an active
port.” was there.

Good old Ernie even has a pro-rail post.

CPR has a view on the rail.

The Eureka Reporter has an article like usual, before the Times-Standard.
Why is the Times-Standard usually late with local news?



Richard Marks has a nice post about your forum

Comment by Mike Buettner

So, how come you never made it? Do as I say, not as I do?

Comment by capdiamont

He seemed to miss a lot.

Comment by capdiamont

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