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The other dirty little secret, enviromentalists wanted higher gas prices
Saturday 16 Aug 2008, 07:41
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The other dirty little secret is environmentalists wanted higher gas prices, to encourage us to conserve. This was to be done using higher taxes. Well now we have had high energy prices, and people are going nuts about it. We are supposed to be living under a free market type system. That doesn’t happen, on one hand you have regulations, making it more expensive to produce energy, refine it, transport it, etc. A good look is gas prices within and outside California. The other hand you have energy manipulators.

Lets get back to present day, energy prices went up, with the worldwide lack of sources(see peak oil), and ever increasing demand. Market forces actually worked, consumption decreased. While some would have you believe conservation will solve all our woes with out drilling, and other will have you believe drilling is the answer. The reality is we need a three prong attack. 1) We must drill, it will take a while, to find the useful deposits, get it to consumers, but it won’t last long. 2) We must conserve. Relying on people to do so is foolish. The problem is get in a trap of yes it is more fuel efficient to tune up the car, but if you don’t have the time because of two jobs, or can’t afford it, it doesn’t get done. If it doesn’t get done there is no savings in fuel. 3) We need to develope new alternative energy, and implement it. This also takes time. This takes time due to planning, regulations, lawsuits, and just getting the material. People think think solar/wind is unreliable due to looking at one site. The reality is there is many good sites over the United States. By creating a large mix of different energy supplies, spread out, you create a stable grid of electricity. Look at it this way, while the wind may not be blowing in one spot, it is in another spot. Same with solar.

I don’t like the idea of oil shale, due to the need of water to transport it in pipelines. I don’t like nuclear, due to disposal issues.

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