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Mck press: Uncertain future for Hammond Bridge
Saturday 16 Aug 2008, 10:23
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Unfortunately I didn’t have the cash on me to get the paper. Still though, what was it about? Are we unable to afford the upkeep of the bridge? If we are unable to afford the upkeep of this, how are to afford the additional trails, the three in a row bridges across the the Mad River for the A&MR RR trail?

Ok, I was right. Jack posts under his photos of the bridge:

The Readers’ Digest version of the Hammond Bridge story is that it’s rusting away and may eventually need to be replaced. Personally, I think if they do nothing the bridge will last for at least 50 more years. So when I’m 90, I’ll get concerned.


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Paint would be cheaper than replacing the bridge. When the trail was created, a maintenance budget must have also be created ? Or is the philosophy: one day at a time.

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