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Humboldt Bay Stewart Forum overview
Saturday 16 Aug 2008, 12:36
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Let’s see here, since this was about the biased forum. The toxic lady, drives a car, on asphalt roads. She didn’t cover the pollution from the roads, increased need to repair them since the railroad is shut down, with the great oil based asphalt, oil for her tires, which wears down, and pollutes the watersheds, oil in the car, the older it gets, more likely it pollutes. She probability doesn’t a EV. Don’t forget the impenetrability of the roads to water, increasing the flooding potential. It is great, go to their web site for pictures of “poison poles” known in the real world as utility poles. The dirty diesels, at the balloon track.

Yet lets look at the railroad, the so called toxic ties, that people like to steal for landscaping. If they are so toxic, why do people use them for landscaping?

No mention of the alternatives to the ties she hates Concrete would last 50 years. Ties are what hold the tracks in gauge. Name a road that would last 50 years. Why if the ties are so bad, isn’t the eel river also polluted? It is much more length of track along side it.

No mention to the modern locomotives, that would reduce pollution, in all area, air, sound, and reduced fuel usage. No mention that those locomotives are not owned by the NCRA. No mention that those locomotives could be converted over to green goats or the road version. or otherwise upgraded.

The rail don’t have to be replaced except due to wear, unlikely breakage, or needing to upgrade the capacity. You know what happens on replacing because of wear? You switch positions of the rail. It is mainly the inside corner of the rail that gets the worst wear due to the flanges. By switching it, you have a new inside corner. Steel shaving are not considered toxic.

The railroad unlike the road or the trail, is open, allowing water to seep through, reducing flooding.

Now the so called baykeeper. There is already ships coming in. Yet increasing frequency automatically makes it 100% chance of a spill. These same large ships also pump ballast water in and out.

CA ballast water regulations Notice article 4.6 is not under proposed regulations.

Section 2284. Ballast Water Management Requirements
(a) The master, operator, or person in charge of a vessel that arrives at a
California port or place from another port or place within the Pacific Coast
Region shall employ at least one of the following ballast water
management practices:
(1) Exchange the vessel’s ballast water in near-coastal waters, before
entering the waters of the state, if that ballast water has been taken
on in a port or place within the Pacific Coast region.
(2) Retain all ballast water on board the vessel.
(3) Use an alternative, environmentally sound method of ballast water
management that, before the vessel begins the voyage, has been
approved by the commission or the United States Coast Guard as
being at least as effective as exchange, using mid-ocean waters, in
removing or killing nonindigenous species.
(4) Discharge the ballast water to a reception facility approved by the
(5) Under extraordinary circumstances where compliance with
subsections (a)(1) through (a)(4) of this section is not practicable,
perform a ballast water exchange within an area agreed to by the
commission in consultation with the United States Coast Guard at
or before the time of the request.

Oil spills. A three million gallon barge supplies most of our fuel, and comes in every month to month and a half. We have boats, that at one of the harbor meetings was said, you can stick you foot through and sink it. We have oil leaks from cars, and trucks, etc. We have had heavy port traffic in the past, and little spills. The oyster growers at the meetings were in support of of the harbor development. Yet we are worried about potential spills?


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But railroads are so horrible for the environment. It would be much better for the environment for tons of diesel trucks to be traveling up and down 101 instead of one train carrying tons of stuff. Trains are evil and so is trying to create jobs for the local economy by doing something with our ports.

Comment by Joshua Woods

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