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If it happens between two consenting adults, it is none of my business, it can’t hurt me.
Monday 11 Aug 2008, 07:24
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Yeah right. The problem with that view and sexual relationships, is it ignores the spread of disease. By continuing to spread disease, it also allows those diseases to Mutate, possibly becoming stronger, but also making it harder to inoculate against.

Lets take AIDS/HIV. It is not an easy disease to get now a days. With blood tests, it is unlikely to get it through blood transfusions anymore. The main reason people get it is sexual immorality, and drug use. There is some who get it from being raped. It is not their fault. If people would keep their private parts to themselves, a vast majority of new AIDS/HIV would be prevented. Think about it though, once infected, you will either die, or live a painful life, taking expensive drugs. Why not just prevent it?

The CDC came out recently came out with the the estimate for 2006 of new AIDS/HIV, 56,300 people. The top percentage was men who have sex with men at 53%, add in another 4% for those men who have sex with mean and inject drugs. The Homosexual lifestyle come in at 57%. The homosexual lifestyle is really a homosexual liestyle. A lie, that it brings happiness. It brings death. Why do we allow good people to die? Why not speak up, and prevent some of these deaths? The heterosexual lifestyle didn’t come up much better, 31% plus another 12% for those who also inject drugs, 43%.




I suspect some people would rather die than deny who they are. I have a friend I have known since he was a toddler as I was. We went to preschool together. He was obviously attracted to men.

Should he choose to pretend to be someone different? Maybe marry a woman? That doesn’t seem a very satisfactory life for either him or the woman.

Yes, I think condom use is important. So is limiting sexual partners and making good choices about who one has sex with–I think this is important for hetro and homosexuals.

I’m not sure but I wonder if some of the prevalence of HIV among homosexual men might in part be brought about by poor choices brought on by self hate which is caused by society’s treatment of them.

When I was a child and people teased my friend terribly, I didn’t stand up for him. He lived with the constant fear of physical violence because of his sexuality. Today I know that it is my business to say that he has no choice in his sexual preferences and the world would be a sadder place without his humor and his courage and his sexuality. Not every one has choose the same way in life. The world is more colorful with different types of people around.

In my opinion, we should support sexual preferences and gently educate people (hetro and homosexual) to make healthy sexual practices part of their lives without ostracizing those whose sexual preferences are different than our own.

Comment by Kym

Some questions for you Cap:

Why is this post tagged with “homosexual marriage, immorality and same sex marriage”?

What does marriage have to do with the spread of AIDS?

Monogamous marriage limits sexual partners, so why would you oppose it?

And why is most of the funding for the proposition ending same sex marriage in California coming from Utah?

Comment by Bob

“Think about it though, once infected, you will either die, or live a painful life, taking expensive drugs.”

Untrue. There are folks who get infected with HIV on whom it has no effect, never turning into AIDS, and there are those who respond quite well to the medicine, not having a “painful life”.

But yes, if people were to keep their privates to themselves, there would be less spread of such diseases… particularly after we fail to have a next generation!

Comment by Nat Gertler

First there were the people of England who were tired of the King’s tyrannous rule. They were persecuted and beaten down until they moved away to form America. Then there were the Continental Natives(Indians). White people beat them down and persecuted them and stole their land from them, forcing them onto Indian Reservations. Then there were the Africans. White men brought them to America as slaves and beat them down and persecuted them. During which, all this time, women in general were beaten down and persecuted for their gender. Now that all of this has been put beyond us, aside from a few select bigots, the white man, joined by the Native American and African American, and women, and those of all races, have chosen now to pick on someone else. Who? Homosexuals. Why? The human race has a terrible need for self destruction. It’s time to let go of that hatred.

Comment by suchabastard

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