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TS My Word: Let the harbor district know how you feel
Saturday 2 Aug 2008, 07:15
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John Frederick /My Word/For the Times-Standard
Article Launched: 07/29/2008 01:27:50 AM PDT

In Patrick Higgins’ “My Word” he states that the Marine Terminal Business Plan is flawed because “shipping tariffs and dockage fees are … fabricated.” You paid consultants to lie to you? Wow.

The whole idea of Goldman Sachs is to have an outside company develop both the marine terminal and the railroad. Goldman Sachs is an investment banker, not a marine terminal operator. They are a bank, like the bank that financed your house. Does your bank live in your house or tell you what color to paint your house or what to plant in the yard? No, they just provide the financing. And your bank is probably not local, either.

The state of California owns the tidelands and grants them to the harbor district to improve the harbor. The harbor district leases the property to a responsible operator. It is called a business plan. So the argument goes — don’t auction off our assets to outsiders, but don’t develop it yourself because it costs too much. So, if improvements should not be done, then why is there a harbor district?

The talk about having environmental analysis completed before anything is approved: It is pretty tough to have an environmental review when there is no project. Cart, horse thing. Think it through, please.

The budget is not in horrible condition. The budget report should be read by the commissioners. Go to page 17 of the 2008/09 budget and see for yourselves what the deficit or surplus has been since 1993. Two of the last five years have had a deficit and in three of the years there was a surplus. It can be found at, right side look for documents, and at the bottom of the page look for budget.

Send an e-mail to the Harbor District at to let them know how you feel.

John Frederick resides in McKinleyville.


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With what money?

Goldman Sachs will not come in and throw millions at our mess.

Pipe dream at best Mr. Hull.

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