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Reuters: U.S. rails’ new sales tool: small carbon footprints
Saturday 2 Aug 2008, 09:11
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CHICAGO (Reuters) – If asked to close their eyes and think of a locomotive, chances are many people would conjure up the image of a noisy behemoth belching black smoke — hardly the picture of an environmentally friendly industry.

Yet being a “green” transportation alternative to trucks is just what U.S. railroads are turning to as a marketing tool.

“For some months we have been communicating to customers the message that as well as being a cheaper alternative, we can lower their carbon footprint,” said Mark Schulze vice president for safety, training and operations support at No. 2 U.S. railroad Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp (BNI.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz).

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Hi Cap!

I was wondering why you do not think that bridging the slides in the Eel River Canyon is not necessary? What do you propose would be a good solution?

Comment by Carol

It maybe necessary to do some bridging. However I disagree that all slides have to have to be treated with the same brush. There is a variety of methods modern engineering has come up with, that are cheaper, and will work.

Look at 101, 299. It is only where the hill/mountain was too steep, that they gave in to bridge around those problem land slide areas. Other methods they have used, drilling to put in small pipes for draining the hillside, and diverting water around slide prone areas.

Another way to look at it, Moss has taken many hikes through the Canyon on the railroad. Yes there is many bad spots. However despite being unmaintained for these many years, there is many places, former slide areas, that stopped sliding. Why then bridge these areas?

Comment by capdiamont

Thank you, Cap.

Comment by Carol

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