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idiot HSU student faces charges after airplane scare
Saturday 2 Aug 2008, 08:56
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To sum up the story, a suspicious, IE not normal , maybe NORML behaving person from HSU placed stickers, on a plane, and tells the stewardess that he has to get off the plane he just boarded, before getting to his destination. Any reasonable person observing this would want the plane searched, and the person taken into custody. It took three hours to search though everything, to make sure everything was safe. Three hours of inconvenience, so this idiot can make a point. Trapping these people, making them prisoners.

Of course you have other pot supporters saying the police over reacted, and it is just another case of the fascism of America. Maybe this is an illustration of the Paranoia that modern pot causes, and therefore should never be made legal.

What other aspects of Jason Robo’s life can we examine?

He was impeached at HSU for unprofessionalism from being a student body leader. He agrees with the rest of the student leaders with a meeting time that everyone can make, then schedules a class during that time, and asks the rest of the leaders to change the time. That didn’t work for the rest of them, and they said no. He was unable to make the meetings, and he  blamed them.

It is not the stickers that got him in to trouble, it is behavior. He should be banned from all airplanes.

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