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Humboldt Bay Recreation & Conservation District 24 July 2008 meeting
Thursday 24 Jul 2008, 11:13
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A few quick notes here.

I left a little early but looks like the budget will get passed. I may say even by Commissioner Higgins. Turns out the way the budget is done, a deficit is projected every year. The reasoning is to figure out a worst case situation. The picking which stuff to actually do.

Goldman Sachs:
Committee is charged only with trying to work out an agreement with Goldman Sachs, then bring that approval to the board for debate, public comment, and approval. That is only if an agreement can be reached. However that committee has serious problems with what Goldman Sachs has but on the table, and said it may never be approved.

Commissioner Dennis Hunter said he despite, what people think he is going to do, is not satisfied with the business plan and listed quite a few problems he has with it.

The reasoning behind putting the multi-berth over at Samoa, with regards to Cruise ships is a) at Eureka directly, the security concerns, would prevent at the Marina would be isolated, and unable to get to open water while the cruise ship was docked, b) dock b would still require buses to get to downtown Eureka. So with Samoa, it has worked well in the past, could a) use the cruise ship’s own or other small boats to ferry people to Eureka, b) bus them over, or c) take the tourist train around the bay.One commenter said the Cruise ship should dock directly to tourist areas. However Samoa has the Maritime Museum, Cookhouse, Timber Heritage Museum being worked on, and possibility a Fishing Museum.



Thanks, Cap!

Comment by Rose

I stayed just past the budget passing. Read about, as usual, in next week’s Eye and Mack Press.

Comment by Jennifer Savage

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