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Problems with the Arcata to Eureka trail
Monday 7 Jul 2008, 07:08
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From a series of comments I did on Eric’s blog, SoHum.

They say the trail trail will have 660,000 non motorized trips per year, that works out to 1,808 per day for 365 days.  Bull, that is max usage.

Further more, down in Marin studies show that only 800 to 1,000 non motorized trips will occur per day through the Cal Park Tunnel, and they are much more populated than us. So we are expecting more trips up here than down in Marin?

When are you expecting the trail to be completed?

The path hasn’t been set yet, and no environmental studies have been done. Yet Mark Loveace says no more studies need to be done. I guess we don’t have to follow environmental laws.

other pesky things, what about private property rights? Oh yeah, remember reading in the NCJ about one of the Bracutt Lumber owner saying the easement reverted back to him after 2 years of nonuse? Complete bull, that doesn’t happen without an abandonment or discontinuance of the railroad with the STB. I call the STB and asked. The other owner admitted to that fact at the podium at one of the NCRA meetings. Never saw that correction in the NCJ did you?

I looked at that deed of Bracutt Lumber for the easement, and have it somewhere. You know what it says for that patch of land? “For railroad use only”. So what kind of used can you do on land that has been deeded as such?

Oh another pesky problem, how much will it cost to maintain, and who pays to maintain it? That’s ok, we can always increase taxes in an economically depressed time.

Speaking of maintenance, there are reports of bicyclists walking out of a trails meeting, because not getting their wish to have the area of the Eucalyptus trees cleaned. It is a hazard to them, the nuts or something like that punctures the tires. Then there is another hazard of the trees, they will sometimes drop large branches. Who will pay for the lawsuits, of injuries, or damage?

Lets add a few other things.

The trail you cleared is over grown again.

How can you call it clearing, when you take trash from along side of the railroad, and put it directly on the railroad? It is exactly what happened on the southern end. Of your so called trail clearing attempt.

Some HSU Professors, and Fish & game don’t want it next to the bay. It is due to the fact people disturb the wildlife more than a train does.

What surface will his trail have, Asphalt? That will be great, leaking oil, with no buffer to protect the bay.

As an update, glancing over to the trash problem, looks like someone solved that.

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