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NA Letter: Time for Marin to get on board with trains
Thursday 26 Jun 2008, 06:52
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Expect more of these letters as the price of fuel goes up. Fuel prices will go up, and will also tie in to the for FOR SMART. Don’t forget it will also allow a 70 mile walking, biking path.

With the price of gas expected to reach $6.50 a gallon by year’s end, it’s time those civic leaders opposed to multi-modal rail and SMART step up and really level with the public about their reasons for opposing rail. Unless those explanations get better than “those pesky horns” on grade crossings or obtuse environmental claims that lack grounding in truth or reality, our civic leaders better put the lawsuits and possibly their careers aside, get on the bandwagon and do everything in their power to get multi-modal rail on the track in the Marin-Sonoma corridor. That means it’s time for the budget-strapped city of Novato to end its childish, costly suit against the North Coast Railroad Authority.

Time for the Marin County Board of Supervisors to retract its amicus brief and support SMART by declaring the proposed funding with “most-favored priority status.”

It’s time Larkspur’s city council provides germane arguments opposing SMART or get on board with a co-located ferry-rail transit hub.

The objections are petty compared with the value and advantages that multi-modal rail immediately provides, plus the opportunities future enhancements SMART will encourage, such as inter-city tram and trolley services.

Transportation experts agree that current energy and economic conditions will affect permanent social changes regarding public transit. Across America, transit ridership is up 40 percent and residents of Denver call riding their new light-rail system “The New Patriotism.”

Marin County leadership needs to help get us back to the future, and rail puts all of us on the right track.

Steven Pointer

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