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Wired: It’s a Bus. It’s a Train. It’s Both!
Sunday 22 Jun 2008, 09:58
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MInd you maintence vehicles for the railroads do this all the time. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. One way to increase the MPG of local buses.



*yawn* It’s as old an Idea as the Denver and Rio Grande’s Galloping Goose. The Germans used a specialized hi-rail bus in the 1960’s for branchline service.

It’s more maintenence and specialized parts than necessary, and lugging those heavy solid steel wheels, their axles and related equipment probably hurts mileage a bit.

Not to mention that it looks absolutely hideous..what happened to beauiful industrial design? Even homebuilt railroad “doodlebugs” had more appeal than this yellow monstrosity.

Rail is for trains and road is for trucks, buses and cars. We’ve tried to mix the two for 110 years and haven’t gotten very far or experienced widespread sucess.

Personally, I’d prefer a modern version of a Budd RDC serving branchlines around our nations once again. It’s time someone to recreate the RDC.

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Here’s photographic proof that rubber on rail isn’t a new or good idea:

I don’t mean to burst your bubble.

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