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SMART unable to bring full sized rail car to county fair
Sunday 22 Jun 2008, 09:28
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Seems a shortage of rail cars made them unable to borrow one to show off at the Sonoma-Marin county fair.

An effort to bring a SMART-like train to show off at the Marin County Fair was one of SMART’s public relations goals.

But the agency couldn’t get its hands on one to show Marin voters what they could be riding.

SMART spokesman Chris Coursey said it hoped to borrow a train from The Sprinter, a new San Diego County service that runs between Escondido and Oceanside, but it didn’t have a train to loan SMART.

After its sales tax measure lost in 2006, SMART officials decided that they needed to do a better job of showing local voters what the train would look like. They wanted to bring the train to the county fair.

It was going to cost an estimated $30,000 to $50,000 to pull off, but it never got that far because they couldn’t get their hands on a train.

Instead, SMART will bring a small model of the train to the fair.

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