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Old Bit/Mike Buettner gets a blog “No growth”
Friday 20 Jun 2008, 04:51
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Seems as though Humboldt Bay Watch is being ran by Mike Buettner. He is promoting it.

Old Mike has it in for the railroad. He won’t tell why. Is he being paid to stop the railroad? He has only been in the area, according to a comment he left on a local blog for seven years.

So let’s take a look at things. 1st he complains the railroad will never be viable, should not be in public hands. It should be dead or funded by private enterprise. Now comes along private enterprise, willing to fund it, looking like it will go in to private hands, or managed that way. Now he is in a panic, willing to do anything to stop the railroad, our local railroad.

That is the real truth, willing to do anything to stop the railroad. The truth is he move in to the area, and likes the small town stuff. Being a parks employee, why not. So, when I said in the past that he doesn’t want the railroad, he said that was a mischaracterization. Same thing with calling him and other trail advocates no growth. Looks like I’m right, with both.



You are definitely right. He was against Calpine, and after that experience he got in deep with a certain faction. Really deep.

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Thanks for the referral.

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