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MIJ Letter: Trains need to connect
Friday 20 Jun 2008, 05:26
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One little thing about gauge in railroads and BART. Gauge is the distance between the rails. BART has an odd ball gauge, it doesn’t connect to anything in the SF Bay area. Any connections to it, people have to transfer. SMART will use standard gauge trains, meaning it can connect to most freight or passenger railroads in the US. I think John McCarthy wanted the SMART to connect to BART at the stations so people could easily transfer, not the trains themselves.

I agree with John McCarthy in Wednesday’s Marin Voice column that SMART must connect with BART.

The primary factor that keeps me from voting for SMART is that the rail gauge does not match BART and would never have the possibility of connecting to BART in the future, either to the Concord station as suggested in the column or to the Richmond station.

Marin and Sonoma county residents need to be able to travel to the East Bay, Oakland and San Francisco airports and other Bay Area destinations, not just to the Larkspur Ferry. Residents and workers from other areas also need access to us.

Sue Chelini, Mill Valley

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