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How the Calvary Chapel Eureka Church is taking over public lands at the Redwood Acres Fair
Wednesday 4 Jun 2008, 11:20
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Or how the fair is forced to be smaller.

To understand what normally happens is The Calvary Chapel Eureka Church meets at the Ben Wilson chicken barn every Sunday. Except during the Annual fair, then the Church stuff’s all it’s belongings in to it’s trailer behind the building.

The Ben Wilson chicken barn got it’s name from a great man, who was a poultry enthusiast and judge. This wide open building holds chickens, ducks, geese, and rabbits. This is for both youth and adults.

Not this year. The Church built two offices, refuses to tear them down, dismantle them, or allow access to them. This means several things, exhibit space has been reduced, access to the breaker box in the building has been eliminated, and the public has been restricted from use of it’s own building.

This building has never been intended as a Church. The public should not be restricted from it’s use.



Didn’t they also do this in McKinleyville, using the High School as a church on the weekends for a long time?

Comment by Anon.R.Mous

I’m not sure. I haven’t heard of the McKinleyville High situation. Are they building church offices up there also?

Comment by capdiamont

I would call the Fair Board and complain if I was a rabbit. Where am I going to be this year? Outside in the sun?

Comment by Anonymous

“refuses” seems like a harsh word, i cant picture a church saying screw you to its landlords

Comment by eggplant

Well what would you call it when the public looses 1/6 of the building, and the barn manager for the fair hopes a circuit breaker doesn’t trip, because he doesn’t access to it?

I guess that rabbit better get hopping.

Comment by capdiamont

If your understanding of the facts here are accurate, this situation is unacceptable.

This region seems to put up with an awful lot of mingling of church and state. And that’s not good for church or state.

The worst of it is, it seems like people are so afraid of being painted “ungodly” or something, that they don’t speak up and challenge these practices. The atmosphere on this locally reminds me of all the self-censoring that went on in the run-up and aftermath of the invasion of Iraq.

We need to work on this as a community. And this seems like a good place to start.

Comment by Liberty

Hi guys, I’ve been very interested in your conversation concerning the church meeting at Redwood Acres… mainly because I am the pastor of the church. Your facts are partially correct but a bit “harsh” as Eggplant put it. Please allow me to explain our situation:

Last summer, when we moved back in after the fair, we actually built three temporary walls to separate the sanctuary from our classrooms. We had every intention to take back down and rebuild these walls every year. However, after we finished building the walls we realized that the work involved with that, on top of moving in and out for a month each summer would create too much of a strain on our fellowship and we began to consider a permanent move from RWA. I discussed the matter with Larry (the RWA Director) and asked him if it would be possible to leave up a portion of the walls to help us out. He came over and looked at our walls and plans, made some modifications, told us exactly what to leave up and what to take down, and that is precisely what we did. The placement of the circuit breaker box is unfortunate but we have given the key to the staff at RWA in case there are any problems. If there are any hard feelings about it, they havn’t been voiced to me.

Also, you may be interested to know that, while we don’t pay much on a monthly basis, we do contribute to the yearly operating buget of RWA and in the 10 years that we have been meeting there, we have made thousands of dollars worth of improvements that will be left behind after our departure including: a central heating and ventilation system, lighting and electrical improvements, we finished the ceiling and walls, and lots of misc…

As for the “church and state” issue, we are just another paying tennant like the Bannana Hut restaurant, the satelite wagering guys, or anyone else who rents one of the buildings at the fairgrounds for the day, week, or year.

I pray that this has shed some light on the situation and I would be glad to discuss it further, if you like. If not, God Bless you guys and I would love to see you at church some time. We are currently at the Red Lion Hotel until the fair is over, service starts at 10am.

Comment by Glen

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