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MIJ Letter: Novato not very smart?
Wednesday 21 May 2008, 12:52
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One finds it interesting how sensitive Novato residents are regarding potential incursions to their tranquility.

I wonder if they have considered the impact their growth, which certainly exceeded the infrastructure’s carrying capacity, has had on others? Commuters from Novato and points north have created a quagmire of traffic problems for residents of Central and Southern Marin.

These problems include: Hundreds of thousands of hours of delays, tons of pollutants, hazards associated with commute traffic on residential streets and the absolutely unrelenting din of the freeway. In light of the above, the impact of the North Coast Rail Authority’s freight operations would be negligible. It is amusing that Novato would sue for an environmental impact report detailing every trifling potential inconvenience its citizens might encounter.

The irony is that rail, including mass transit, is the only hope for cities such as Novato because they will almost certainly become “commute dead” when gas reaches $10 to $20 a gallon.

JP Huberty, Corte MADERA

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