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MIJ Letter: SMART vs. ferry shuttles
Thursday 8 May 2008, 09:37
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Something that tends to get missed here, when looking at history. Fuel is much more expensive, there is a greater eco awareness to reduce pollution, and that fossil fuels will not last forever, let alone for very long.

Dick Spotswood’s May 4 column on the need for a parking garage at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal made sense, with one exception. He wrote that he worked for 10 years on a bus system that “fed” riders to the ferry. By his admission, the feeder system failed, even when trips were free. Yet in this column and on other occasions, Spotswood asserts that the proposed SMART train would be successful as long as the transfer to the ferry is “seamless.”

How can that be? The train will charge a fare, which will make it less desirable than the feeder bus.The train will be confined to tracks and cannot possibly reach as far into the community as did the feeder bus. Many potential riders would need to drive and park at the SMART station, creating two transfer points instead of one.

One can only conclude SMART will bring fewer riders to the ferry than did the failed bus system.

Daniel Sonnet, San Rafael

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