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Local food crisis
Wednesday 7 May 2008, 10:02
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Two bags, that was the limit of rice Costco allowed us and normal members. If you have bought large amounts of rice before, they allow more, but you have to check with the manager to find out how much you can buy.

The food crisis opinion in today’s ER.

The food crisis from a LDS view point.

Cash & Carry won’t sell rice to anyone but businesses that sell food. Used to be anyone could go there and pick some up.

This is a staple of many of the world’s people. My wife figured out that she maybe allergic to wheat. The testing is too expensive to do right now, but by doing a substitution diet, she is doing better. One problem, was she couldn’t eat fresh fruit because her throat and ears would itch. By getting rid of the wheat, she is able to eat fresh fruit. A doctor said that Northern European ancestry are largely allergic to wheat. Many, many things have wheat in them, soups, taco seasonings, etc. So, rice is more important in our lives.

One thing is nice, is Ed the owner of the Samurai in Eureka will make wheat free dishes if you him at least 24 hours notice. The is a great guy, and friend of the family.

Thinking of growing rice. Not sure how successful we will be.

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